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Voting Delegates

Pine Creek relies on volunteer neighborhood Voting Delegates to vote on behalf of residents in all HOA elections. The Voting Delegates are elected yearly.

The role of the Voting Delegate is to represent their neighborhood's in Association elections to elect Directors and to ratify budgets, and other Association business that requires a vote of all members. Please contact the Community Manager for more information on becoming a Voting Delegate

You'll notice that the following neighborhoods don't have Voting Delegates assigned. We'd welcome any resident of any of these neighborhoods to volunteer. Please contact the Community Manager for more information or to volunteer.

Blossom Hill II
Glen Arbor
Oak Meadow
Willow Glen

Below is the list of current voting delegates:

Blossom Hill 1- Jim Sim
Carriages - Jim Carter
Emerald Ridge - Cheri Herber
Greenmoor - Melanie Kathan
La Bellezza - Dan Roda
Oak Grove - Rick James
Oak Knoll - Linda Case, Alternate - Frank McNally
Orchard Park - Ken Gresko
Palisade - Marily Feaster
Pinebrook - Scott Singer, Alternate - Ralph Anderson
Pine Glade - John Cafasso
Reverie - Myra Renaud
Sage Hill - Steve Nielson
Sage Hill Greens - Larry Anderson
Spanish Oak - Gary Beres
Stonegen - Charles Burnett, Alternate - Al Lewis
Sycamore Glen - Melissa Rich
Wildower - Dan Bloom