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Colorado Springs School District 20

Spanning 130 square miles along Colorado's spectacular front range, Academy District 20 serves the educational needs of Colorado Springs' north end. Located in one of the state's fastest growing areas, District 20 includes the United States Air Force Academy and covers terrain ranging from foothills to prairie and rocky cliffs to dense forest. It is a district steeped in history and a continuing tradition of excellence in education for over 40 years. District 20 is one of the premier school districts in the State of Colorado, and is a key factor to the popularity and desirability of Pine Creek

Currently, Academy District 20 consists of five high schools, four middle schools, and fourteen elementary schools utilizing a K-5, 6-8, 9-12 grade level configuration. (District 20 also has an Edison Project Partnership school and two Charter schools.)

Mountain View Elementary Serves Pine Creek

District 20 maintains a philosophy based on the importance of educating the whole person. Therefore, the district sponsors an abundance of activities designed to enhance and enrich the curriculum, providing a comprehensive education for all students.

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