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Did You Know?
December 15th, 2012

That the CSPD report thieves are stealing debit card info? From the Dennis Moore with the CSPD: "Below are links to two articles about the use of Debit Cards, which is a topic I have talked about a lot. You need to take care with your Debit Card as data thieves are targeting debit cards and PINs at the point of sale. The article relates to why you should use your debit card sparingly. Their prime target: your debit card account number and personal identification number. Thieves use ruses, such as posing as repairmen to alter and corrupt payment terminals — installing skimmers and storage devices that capture account numbers from the magnetic strip on a card as well as the PIN numbers the customer keys in. The websites for the two original articles are:

Dennis R. Moore
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Sand Creek Division
Colorado Springs Police Department
4125 Center Park Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Did You Know?
That the Pine Creek Golf Course is asking for the help of residents living in Hollycrest and Stoneglen to keep their eyes open for any activity that might help apprehend the person or persons that have been breaking into their maintenance building? They believe that there are two persons doing this and they might be teens from the neighborhood. They also think that the individuals responsible live in Hollycrest or Stoneglen behind our maintenance area, and may attend Pine Creek High School.
They have broken into the building at least 8 times within the past 3 months.
They have damaged door hardware, broken out the same window 3 times, and stolen gasoline.
One of them wears 9-10 Men’s shoe with a ‘Vans’ tread.
They also left a towel from Lifetime fitness. (Parent’s membership?)
They are stealing gas from the maintenance area.
An ATV or motorcycle quick fill gas tank was seen during one of the recent break ins. It is a clear can with a small tool box attached to it. (They unfortunately broke back in to the building that night and took it back)
They seem to know how to turn on the fuel tanks, once they break into the building. It was switched to the “On” position both nights. (We have disabled the fuel pumps at night.)
This weekend they stole a small landscape wagon from the yard and left it near the gate leading out to Hollycrest.

The Police have been contacted on several occasions and the best chance to catch these individuals or prevent them from becoming young criminals is to get a little help from our surrounding Pine Creek neighbors.

Did You Know?
That Jan Doran and Diann Butlak are Co-Chairing the Citizens Committee of the Stormwater Task Force? They are currently conducting a new inventory of all storm water related issues in the city and are asking all neighbors and neighborhoods to help. If you are aware of any storm water related issues in your neighborhood please email the information to Jan or Diann. Pictures will also be very helpful. It does not matter how large of small the issue is or whether it has been reported before. They are correlating everything reported with previously existing lists to be sure nothing is overlooked or goes unreported. This is a very important effort and everyone's input will be highly appreciated. Please send the information to Jan or Diann
Jan Doran -
Diann Butlak -

Did You Know?
That you can request a street repair online at :
Fill in your information.
Select the type of work you are requesting from the drop down menu.
Location of Request - Please provide detailed information such as street name, direction of traffic flow (north bound, south bound, etc.), nearby cross streets or addresses, landmarks such as nearby buildings, side of the street, location in the street and distance from the curb.
Nature of Problem - Please be as specific as possible! Helpful information includes descriptions of the problem (2" crack running across street or pot hole).
Select the grid area - Pine Creek is in grid area 6. Click submit.

Did You Know?
That we've found a couple of fun things to do during the Holiday Season?

The Christmas Mouse on Holiday
Presented by Millibo Art Theatre at Millibo Art Theatre ( )
December 1-December 22, 2012

The Christmas Mouse is in need of a little vacation but there is so much to done. Lionel (David Wild) and Edwina (Birgitta De Pree) try to fill in but they get unexpected help from the Furry Mouse Mother who sends them a very special “Christmas Rat” (Hannah Rockey). Don’t’ miss this magical tale that turns Holiday traditions upside down with laughter, surprise and great music. Lionel (David Wild) and Edwina (Birgitta De Pree) try to fill in but they get unexpected help from the Furry Mouse Mother who sends them a very special “Christmas Rat” (Hannah Rockey). Don’t’ miss this magical tale that turns Holiday traditions upside down with laughter, surprise and great music. This is the third chapter in the Christmas Mouse Tales and it has become a much loved, sold out tradition at the MAT. Get your tickets early at

The Cog Railway sponsors a Santa Train to the 4th station (North Pole) which would be great fun for any kid who want to go to the North Pole as a Christmas season activity. There are costumed greeters, Santa & Mrs. Claus, elves, songs sung by riders enroute up & down, hot chocolate and cookies, etc. This activity supports many fine charities in this area whose volunteers provide the "characters." Not all trips are Santa trains so check the link. There are 2 AM and 2 PM trains on weekends and daily closer to Christmas (after schools out). Here's the link:

Did You Know?
That we still have a problem with coyotes in Pine Creek, especially around the golf course and the wildlife habitat areas. A pack of three coyotes roamed the Pine Creek Pirate's Cove Park, located at the intersection of Pine Manor Dr. and Sycamore Glen Trail, last week. They were last seen heading east from the park.

Did You Know?
That photos from the PCVA Holiday Party have been posted on the website? Visit

Did You Know?
That the Community Guidelines say that "Homeowners are responsible for keeping all sidewalks and driveways on their lot or within the right-of-way adjacent to their lot free from snow and ice within a 24 period after the end of a storm." Thanks for keeping Pine Creek safe and looking good during the winter.

Pine Creek Residents

As the 2012 Holiday Season quickly approaches so does the New Year. PCVA is looking forward with great promise to the next twelve months, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Board of Directors and Property Manager. We enter 2013 fiscally strong and dedicated to the continued improvement of our property values. Many thanks to Jeff Murrell and Jim Sim who have completed their terms on the PVCA Board of Directors and welcome to new Directors Sharon Sloan and Goody Goodman.
Have an enjoyable and safe Holiday Season!
Jim Carter, Jr.
PCVA Board President
Did You Know?
That recent revisions were adopted to the Community Guidelines and the Bylaws in October. Please visit for the revised documents and notes on the revisions.
Did You Know?
That the current PCVA Board Officers and contact info is listed on the Pine Creek website ( )
Did You Know?
That a homeowner recently captured some vandals in the area on a home security video that showed them driving a white SUV while vandalizing personal property? They are responsible for some recent "damage and dash" events in our neighborhood. If you have any information, please report it to the Colorado Springs Police at (719) 444-7000.
Did You Know?
That driving in inclement weather can be tricky? Here are some Best Practices to help keep you safe and prepared.
Be rested if possible.
Be dressed appropriately for your locale and season.
Know where you are going and have an alternate route.
Tell someone else your plans.
Allow extra time for traveling in bad weather.
Make sure your vehicle is running properly and is in good repair.
Have some basic emergency equipment: flashlight w/extra batteries, fire extinguisher, flares/reflective triangles, first-aid kit, gloves, jumper cables, tools, raincoat/poncho, spare change of clothing, bottled water, cell phone and charger, ice scraper, shovel, blanket, safety vest.
Did You Know?
That criminals are skilled at taking advantage of the holiday season when people tend to shop more, go out more, and receive more deliveries than usual? Crimes common during this time of year include robbery, theft, vehicle break-in, and burglaries. There are other types of crimes that seem to pop up during the holidays that potential victims may not be thinking about: Fraud and Scams.
Criminals are creative about coming up with ways to get people to part with their money without resorting to violence. Frauds and Scams can occur through the mail, over the telephone, through email, and in person. To prevent financial fraud or being scammed out of money, follow these guidelines:
Do not open the door for anyone you do not know or for anyone you are not expecting.
Verify the identity of delivery drivers, utility/phone and other service workers prior to opening the door.
Do not open the door for salespersons or allow door to door salespersons into your home.
Do not give out your personal or financial information to anyone over the phone, in person, or through mail/email unless you initiated the contact.
Do not donate money or items to anyone claiming to be a charity unless you have verified they are legitimate.
If you are contacted with news that you "won" something, do not pay any money or give out your credit card information in order to receive your "prize". If you truly win something you will not be asked to pay any fees and do not have to give out your financial information.
If you are delivered a "gift" there will be no money due upon delivery. You do not have to pay a delivery fee if someone sends you a gift. Do not pay delivery fees or give out your credit card information.
Do not send money to a loved one, family member, friend, or anyone else you know in response to an email or phone call saying that they need help, are stranded and need money, etc. unless you can speak to them and personally verify that this is true.
Did You Know?
That the many white paint marks along Chapel Hills Blvd near Lexington drive are for a future bike lane?
Did You Know?
The Pine Creek Golf Club is pleased to offer Pine Creek Homeowners the following rates for 2013?
This year we are offering a monthly payment option for one year that will require the first and last month's payment at the time of purchase (twelve payments of $130 per month for the Group Platinum Pass).
For those who renew an existing Group Platinum Pass for $1140 before January 15th, 2013, the expiration date will be extended to January 15th, 2014 for those whose current pass expires prior to January 15th, 2013, even if it expires in November or December of 2012. This will be like getting several extra weeks of "free golf" for early purchasers before January 15th, or, one year from the time the existing pass would have expired. For example, if a current pass expires on March 28, 2013, a Group Platinum Pass renewal purchased before January 15th will expire on March 28, 2014 and the purchaser will be able to save $159 by paying $1140 for the year instead of the $1299 fee in March 2013.
For those who do not currently have an annual pass, a Group Platinum Pass may be purchased before January 15th, 2013 for $1140 and it will not expire until January 15th, 2014, even it is purchased in November or December of 2012. This will be like getting several extra weeks of "free golf" for early purchasers before January 15th.

Did You Know?

That your Management Team has currently been notating streets in need of repair and submitting them to the City? Because there are so many areas in need of repair, if you see a large crack or pothole in the street, following are the instructions to submit the repair request to the City.

To request a street repair:
Click the link:
Fill in your information.
Select the type of work you are requesting from the drop down menu.
Location of Request - Please provide detailed information such as street name, direction of traffic flow (north bound, south bound, etc.), nearby cross streets or addresses, landmarks such as nearby buildings, side of the street, location in the street and distance from the curb.
Nature of Problem - Please be as specific as possible! Helpful information includes descriptions of the problem (2" crack running across street or pot hole).
Select the grid area - Pine Creek is in grid area 6.
Click submit.

Did You Know?
That all light posts in Pine Creek should be painted black? The correct color is Kwal Royal Ebony Black or OX9066J. You can pick up the correct color at the Kwal Paint store at 6345 Source Center Pt. Colorado Springs, CO 80923 (CLICK HERE for a map). The kit will include 1 quart of paint, a brush, sand cloth for buffing the post, and instructions on how to properly prepare and paint your light post. The cost is approximately $15.00.
Did You Know?
There are two types of fencing in Pine Creek - the dark green metal "view" fence, and the brown wood plank fence. Much of the fencing is maintained by PCVA, but if you wish to paint your own fence, the correct paint / stain colors are:
Green View Fence: Kwal-Howell Olympic Pine 8596N (or a computer matched color) in eggshell finish. See above for the address and map to the closest Kwal store.
Brown Wood Plank Fence: BEHR plus 10 solid color stain, available at Home Depot.

Did You Know?
That PCVA HOA dues have changed for 2013. CLICK HERE for details on 2013 dues and payment options.

Did You Know?
November 1, 2012

That the PCVA Annual General Meeting is Thursday, November 08, 2012, starting at 6:30pm? This annual meeting for all Pine Creek residents will be held at the Falcon Police Station at 7850 Goddard Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920. Visit for a map to the Falcon Police Station.
Did You Know?
That PCVA guidelines allows seasonal decorative light installations at residents' homes from November 15 to January 15.
Did You Know?
That Homeowners are responsible for keeping all sidewalks and driveways on their lot or within the right-of-way adjacent to their lot free from snow and ice within a 24 period after the end of a storm: Please help us keep the neighborhoods safe for walkers and runners after a snow storm.
Did You Know?
That the City is offering Free Parking for the Veterans Day Parade, November 10th? In honor of our service men and women, on-street metered parking downtown and off-street parking in the City-owned parking garages will be FREE on Saturday, November 10, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the Veterans Day Parade. The City Parking System offers free parking during the parade as a small gesture to show our appreciation for the military presence in Colorado Springs, and to encourage the community to come downtown to show their support. City-owned parking garages include:
Bijou and Cascade Parking Garage
215 North Cascade Avenue
City Administration Building Parking Garage
130 South Nevada Street
Kiowa Street Parking Garage
127 East Kiowa Street
More information about the Veterans Day Parade can be found at
Did You Know?
That the State of Colorado and the Department of Transportation provide an excellent online resource for road conditions, traffic reports, traffic cameras, and road maintainance at
Did You Know?
The CS police department has an online graffiti reporting form and / or phone number? Here is the info:
Graffiti Hotline: 634-5713 or on the web at
Did You Know?
That you should water your trees in the winter? After several years of drought, trees in Colorado Springs could use a little extra TLC. Watering trees in fall and winter allows them to emerge healthier in the spring. Drought-stressed trees are vulnerable to disease, insect infestations, branch dieback, or even total loss.
Watering recommendations:
  • Water to a depth of 12” below the soil surface.
  • Water slowly to saturate soil within the ‘drip-line’ of the tree canopy. Move the hose around for large trees.
  • Give the same amount of water year round - 10 gallons per inch of tree diameter 1-2 times per month. An easy rule of thumb is to measure the tree trunk diameter at knee height and water for 5 minutes per inch.
For more information:
Did You Know?
That the PCVA website is a wealth of information about what's happening in the neigborhood -- find out what's new at

Did You Know?
October 15, 2012

That some of the beautiful fall growth on the trees is blocking pedestrian access on the sidewalks? Please make sure to trim any low growing branches up and away from the sidewalk to allow a 6 foot access under the trees that overhang your sidewalks. Also, if we have missed any of the common areas trees in this way please email or call719-260-4544 so we can get those taken care of right away.

Did You Know?

That the Mayor will be holding a Town Hall Meeting to present the 2013 City Budget.
Did You Know?

That we've had reports of aggressive solicitors lately. To that end we'd like to present the following article courtesy of the Colorado Springs Police Department.
Is There A Stranger At Your Door?
Reprinted With Permission From Colorado Springs Police Department
One of the most important safety practices you can implement to reduce risk to yourself and your family is to never let strangers in your home, including door-to-door solicitors. Always identify who is at your door before opening it and if you haven't already done so, install wide-angle viewers in your door at positions that all family members can use. These viewers should have no less than 180 degrees in angle. Teach children to use them and to also check with an adult before opening the door.
If a Stranger Does come to Your Door
  • Use your wide-angle viewer to see who is at your door.
  • Never indicate you are home alone.
  • Do not open the door to anyone you do not know without first verifying the person's identity. This includes police officers, repair, delivery or sales persons and political or charity volunteers.
  • Ask to see identification.
  • Have the person slip their identification card under the door. If you have any doubts about the person, look up the telephone number in the telephone directory and call the company or agency the person claims to represent.
  • Do not rely on telephone numbers given to you by strangers at your door. The telephone number they give you could be an accomplice.
  • Do not open the door to a stranger requesting help or the use of your telephone. Offer to make the telephone call yourself while the stranger waits outside.
  • When a package is delivered, ask that the parcel be left outside the door. Receipts that require a signature can be slipped under the door. Open the door and pick up the package only when you are positive the delivery person has left.
  • Never allow a stranger in to a security entrance. This includes someone asking to leave a package or a note for a neighbor.
  • Place only your first initial and last name on mailboxes and building directories. Consider listing a fictitious roommate if you live alone.
  • List only your first initial and last name in the telephone directory. Do not list your address.
  • Before moving into a new residence, change the locks. Previous tenants may still have keys.
  • Always lock your door even if you leave your home for just a few minutes.
  • Keep venetian blinds and curtains closed especially at night. Leave lights on in two or more rooms to indicate the presence of other persons.
  • Have telephone numbers for emergencies such as police, fire and paramedic services on every telephone instrument in the house.
In Case of Intruders
  • If you are at home and your suspect someone is trying to break in call 911 immediately.
  • If confronted by an intruder, remain as calm as possible.
  • Consider your safety and that of your family as the highest priority.
  • Choose a strategy such as negotiating, fleeing screaming, fighting or complying - whichever seems safest and most effective relative to the situation.
  • Never go into your home if anything seems unusual - such as an open door or a broken window. Leave immediately and go to a place where you can call the police. Do not go into your home until the police advise it is safe.
Added Home Safety Tips
  • Install quality deadbolt locks on all exterior doors and use them.
  • Remember a small chain between the door and doorjamb is not safe. It can be easily broken and pulled out.
  • Install quality locks on all windows and use them.
  • When a window is left open for ventilation, keep the opening small enough to prevent entry and block the window from being fully opened.
  • Remove or trim shrubbery that hides doors and windows so neighbors or passersby can see someone trying to break into your home.
  • Light the outside of your home to discourage prowling or loitering. Use outside floodlights for all entryways, pathways, stairwells and laundry, trash and parking area. Connect outside lights to a timing device, motion detector or a light sensitive switch so lights switch on automatically during hours of darkness.
  • Make a decision about installing an alarm system only after considering such factors as the cost, the reputation of the company and the likelihood of false alarms. A watchdog offers additional protection.

Did You Know?
October 1, 2012

That Board elections are upon us again? This year there are three positions on the Board that need to be filled. For those who are interested in running for the Board, please visit and complete the PCVA Director Candidate Nomination form. You can also use the same form if you wish to nominate another person for the board. Forms must be submitted no later than noon on October 23, 2012. No nominations will be accepted after this time.
Did You Know?
That the following PCVA neighborhoods still need a Voting Delegate to represent them: Blossom Hill II, Emerald Ridge, Glen Arbor, Hollycrest, Oak Knoll, Oak Meadow, Palisade, Pinecrest, Pine Glade, Pinetop, Promontory, Sage Hill and Willow Glen. If you are interested in becoming a Voting Delegate, please contact Candace at or at 719-260-4544.
Did You Know?
That we offer our sincere apology to any of you that missed trash pickup on Friday, September 21st because of the incorrect date on the website.
Did You Know?
The Annual Meeting this year will be on November 8th at 6:30 PM at the Falcon Police Station; more information will be forthcoming.
Did You Know?
That crime prevention starts at home with a few simple steps? A resident recently reported that items were taken from a garage that was accidently left open. Rember to:
Lock it Up. Keep the doors and windows to your home locked. Keep your garage door shut. Lock your car doors. Criminals like an easy access and they can grab and run quickly if they don't have to break in.
Light It Up. Keep your porch lights, yard light, and garage lights on at night. Criminals like to work in the dark.
Put It Up. Don't leave bikes, lawn equipment, toys, or other things out and unattended. If it is easy to take -- it probably will be.
Talk It Up. Let you neighbors know when you are away for an extended time. They will notice any unusual activity at your home.
Remember - to report a non-life threatening crime or suspicious activity in Colorado Springs, please dial (719) 444-7000
Did You Know?
It is important to be ready? Read more about The El Paso-Teller County Emergency Notification System (or Reverse 911), Evacuation Preparation, and Important Phone Numbers in the Colorado Springs August edition of Crime Prevention
Did You Know?
That HOA rules require yard lights to be on from dusk to dawn? Please ensure you lights are working at night to help increase a pedestrian friendly environment in the dark and to discourage criminals who may be driving by.
Did You Know?
That the Colorado Springs Police Department makes it easy to see what kind of criminal activity is happening in your area? Visit to see what's happening near you.
Did You Know?
That the Colorado State University Extension has many great homeowner resources for lawn and garden care? Visit their site to see what you should be doing this fall in Colorado Spings.
Did You Know?
That safely driving in traffic circles / roundabouts takes some extra planning? Learn more by watching this video on YouTube, reviewing the motorist rules of the road or visiting the Colorado Springs Traffic Operations site
Did you Know?
That residents are encouraged to recommend topics for future "Did You Know" articles? What's on your mind that would help Pine Creek residents? Send your ideas to

Did You Know?
September 18, 2012

That with election season upon us again with TV commercials and political yard signs, you should be aware of the following:
  • The PCVA governing documents allow for one sign per political office or ballot issue in your yard or window. The signage must be removed within 7 days after the election.
  • Recently signs have been stolen from front yards in Pine Creek - this is theft and trespassing! Even if you don't agree with the ballot issue the resident is supporting; they have right; per the governing documents, to post the sign in their yard the same as you do. Please don't remove any political signs that aren't yours.
Did You Know?
That Daisy, the lost dog, was found? Many thanks to those of you that assisted with leashing and returning her to her owners!
Did You Know?
That PCVA needs Voting Delegates? We still have 22 Neighborhoods in need of a Voting Delegate! Please contact Candace Pickett at 719-260-4544 or if you are interested or have questions. The time commitment is minimal, but the need is great!

Did You Know?
September 1, 2012

That the Annual Pine Creek Fall Garage Sale is being held on Saturday September 15th. CLICK HERE to register for the garage sale. Registration ends 9/12/12

Did You Know?
That the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, 3105 Gateway Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, is hosting a Labor Day Concert on September 3, 2012 from 5:30 pm to 8 pm to benefit the Ute Pass firefighters and the Colorado Springs Fire Explorers. Bring your blanket, chairs and a picnic, or buy great food from Vienna Station and listen to Mark Gardner & Rex Rideout, Jody Adams, and the Sister Brothers Bands on the lawn of the Rock Ledge House.

Did You Know?
There will be a free Neighborhood Watch Program Training on 15 September 2012, from 1 to 2:30 PM, at the CSPD Falcon Division's Community Room, 7850 Goddard Street. This is the basic Block Captain training for New Block Captains that have not received the training, Block Captains that want refresh training, or anyone in the public that is interested in finding out more about Neighborhood/Business Watch Program.
If you are a new Block Captain, it is recommend that you bring a 2GB USB stick/flash drive to be able to receive files that will assist you with your Block Captain's responsibilities. You can also view a Crime Prevention and Disaster Preparedness handbook by CLICKING HERE
No RSVP required, just be there promptly at 1 PM to start the training.
If you have any questions you can contact:
Dennis R. Moore, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Sand Creek Division, Colorado Springs Police Department

Did You Know?
Colorado Springs Utilities is asking customers to limit their water usage for the remainder of the summer. Water usage this summer has outpaced that of last year, so Utilities is asking residents to water their yards only three days a week, fix leaky sprinklers and water at night. Colorado Springs likely will have mandatory watering restrictions next summer if Colorado has a repeat of last winter's below-average snowfall.The last time the city saw mandatory restrictions was the summer of 2005.

Did You Know?
The next PCVA Board of Directors Meeting is Tuesday, September 25, 2012, starting at 6:00 PM. All residents welcome to attend. We meet at Fire station 19 at 2490 Research Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO. CLICK HERE for a map.

Did You Know?
That there is a New Landscaping Issue Report Form to help residents report issues. CLICK HERE to submit a landscaping issue report.

Did You Know?
That residents can suggest topics for future "Did You Know" articles? What's on your mind that would help Pine Creek residents? Send your ideas to

Did You Know?
August 15, 2012

That the Pine Creek Village Association Picnic is this Saturday, August 18th, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM? Bring the kids and the whole family to the Pirates Cove Splash Park for a day of fun and food. Pony rides, a petting zoo and a bouncy ride to keep the kids busy. Bring your own chairs or a blanket to spread on the grass.

Did You Know?
That we need homeowner volunteers to serve as Voting Delegates for their neighborhoods? This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and be the "voice" for your Neighborhood. Anyone interested in volunteering or who would like more information please contact Candace Pickett at 260-4544 or

Did You Know?
That the Pirates Cove Splash Park water features will be closed and winterized shortly after Labor Day Weekend? Due to evening temperatures that start dropping and cooler daytime temperatures the park is winterized to save on operating costs.

Did You Know?
About these great yard tips for August?
  • Divide and transplant Bearded Iris after the leaves dry up.
  • Plant container grown trees and shrubs. Be sure to follow planting instructions using the CSU extension fact sheets (http//
  • Plant perennials and transplant Oriental Poppies after their foliage has dried.
  • Plant cool season vegetables like lettuce and radishes for your fall garden. It is a good practice to plant them near taller, established vegetables to give some shade to the new seedlings.
  • Mid to late August is a good time to:
  • seed fall lawns
  • divide or transplant spring-flowering bulbs
  • check your lawn for any insect infestation and treat accordingly
  • Apply IRON-RICH (TM) to give your lawn a feeding to create a deep green lawn
  • prune to shape plants & thin and cut back the flower heads as they complete their bloom and
  • check daily for ripe vegetables and enjoy them before the birds and other animals get them
  • make sure to keep plants well watered since August is hot and dry. Don't overwater - use a moisture meter to check the water condition of the plants before watering
  • apply mulch to plants to conserve water, keep the soil temperature constant and to cut down on the weeds.
Did You Know?
That the American National Bank branch in Pine Creek donated $200.00 to the Pine Creek Community Picnic being held at the Pirates Cove Splash Park on Saturday August 18, 2012 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.? A big thank you to ANB!

Did You Know?
That water prices for Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) are increasing by 11.7% for 2013? Also, CSU is now talking about potential mandatory water restrictions in 2013 if Colorado Springs does not have a good snowfall this season. Please visit the following link for the full Gazette article: (

Did You Know?
August 1, 2012

That the annual Pine Creek picnic will be held on Saturday August 18th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Pirates Cove Splash Park? The picnic is FREE and open to all Pine Creek residents and their families. This is always a very popular event that features bouncy toys, facepainting, live petting animals, food, drinks and more. We hope to see you all there! Here's a link to a map to the Splash Park -

Did You Know?
That you don't have to use those trashy, messy, clumsy little recycling bins to recycle your trash? You can now get an extra-large 95 gallon recycling bin and mix ALL your recyclables in one easy to roll container for ONLY $53? It gets even better - if you already have a large recycling toter, you can get a second one FREE. Contact Candace Pickett at to order your recycling toter and do your part to preserve the environment and to keep Pine Creek clean and uncluttered. A list of the recyclable items can be found by clicking the link here for recycling information on the Pine Creek website:

Did You Know?
That thanks to your donations for the Waldo Canyon Wildfire victims, Pine Creek volunteers made three trips to Care & Share Food Bank with over $1,000 worth of food, diapers and hygiene products, along with $259 in cash donated by the legal team that represents PCVA? A big THANK YOU to the volunteers who collected the goods and made the trips, and to all of you who donated items.

Did You Know?
That you can say no to door to door solicitors? While nearly all Pine Creek streets are public roadways, and solicitors legally can't be banned from Pine Creek, you can say NO to unwanted solicitors. Please click on the link here to download the CSPD tips for door to door solicitors entitled "Is There a Stranger at Your Door?"

Did You Know?
That weeds in curb cracks should be killed or removed? The Association kills weeds in the curbs adjacent to PCVA common area, however, you are responsible for taking care of curb weeds adjacent to your property. There are two options for remediation of weeds growing in curb cracks alongside your home:
Kill the weeds yourself using the same type of approved weed killer you use on your property (like RoundUp or Weed B Gon, or a similar EPA approved herbicide), or by pulling the weeds by hand.
Contact the City to request that they take care of the weed problem. The number to call is is 385-5934. It's much faster if you spray or pull the weeds yourself as the City has quite a backlog of landscaping maintenance problems.

Did You Know?
July 15, 2012

That the burn ban in the City has been lifted effective 7/11/12?
For a detailed description of current city burn regulations, click this link to download this document - Burning061412.pdf

Did You Know?
That the city has created an organization to assist victims of the Waldo Canyon fire?
Our city has been deeply affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire. Our sense of pride and community has never been stronger. With the aid and support committed from the Federal and State government, we believe we have everything we need for the complete restoration of the affected neighborhoods. The strength and commitment is there within our community. Local individuals and businesses possess the resources to completely rebuild the impacted areas. Let's get together and begin restoring our community. Please visit to find out more information on how you can help.
Did You Know?

That the PCVA Community Guidelines were revised in May of this year?
One of the main sections to change was section 2.1 regarding painting. The new guidelines say:

Changes to the exterior color of a residence or accessory structure must be selected from the approved exterior color palettes specific for that style home. Color palettes are available from the MC. Paint colors must be applied utilizing the approved color-blocking scheme for the house. All color changes and repaints in existing color scheme must be approved by the MC before paint application.
In addition to the DRR submittal a 4'x4' color sample of each color must be painted on an accessible area in the front of the residence.
In addition to the DRR submittal, a color sample of the sections being painted must be accomplished on an accessible area in front of the residence. The samples must be: a 10 foot section of fascia and soffit, 1/4 of the front door and a 4' x 4' of the main walls.
For residents that are repainting the trim and accent only; a color sample will be required in smaller samples on the existing trim and accent. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis depending on the architecture of the home.

To start the process of repainting, please visit

Did You Know?
July 5, 2012

That our neighborhood continues to experience tampering with our sprinkler system? This is costly to all of our residents and has an adverse impact on our landscaping. Only members of our landscape maintenance company, the Brickman Group, are authorized to adjust, repair, and maintain the sprinkler systems and components within the PCVA boundaries. Please notify PCVA Management at 719-260-4544 if you see anyone not wearing a Brickman Group uniform working on our sprinkler systems. If possible, please have a good description of the person(s), their vehicle description, license plate etc. We have notified our security patrol to be on the lookout too, and will involve the police to help stem this property vandalism. Your help and diligience in protecting PCVA commonways, neighborhood areas, and personal property are greatly appreciated.

Did You Know?
That the last "did you know" incorrectly stated that outdoor cooking could not use solid fuels? The correct statement is that using portable or fixed outdoor fireplaces (fireplaces, fire pits, etc) using solid fuels (such as wood or charcoal) is prohibited during a fire ban, as is recreational burning. Outdoor cooking is allowed using a BBQ grill or outdoor stove. When cooking outdoors, fire safety experts recommend a fire extinguisher is kept readily available nearby and owners ensure that the BBQ grill or stove is constantly supervised while on and completely turned off when cooking is done.
See the actual guidelines and definitions of terms for Outdoor Burning at

Did You Know?
That trash and recycling pickup are delayed this week? Trash AND recycling will be picked up on Saturday July 7th.

Did You Know?
July 3, 2012

That as we approach the July 4th holiday, calls-for-service regarding fireworks complaints are expected to increase. The public is reminded that fireworks within the City limits of Colorado Springs are illegal; with the exception of paper caps for toy guns, and other paper cap fireworks containing no more than 1/2500 grain of explosive content per cap.
Due to the extreme fire hazard this year, the City has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy concerning the possession and/or use of fireworks. This means if we respond to a call for service and apprehend any individual in possession of or using fireworks within the City limits, they will be issued a summons to appear in Court. This effort is in conjunction with the open fire ban, which is in place within the State of Colorado.
Citizens are reminded that it is a violation of City Ordinance to possess and/or use fireworks. A conviction for such a violation may carry a fine of up to $500.00 and/or 90 days in jail. If property damage or injury occurs as a result of such a violation the perpetrator may be charged with the Colorado State statute of Arson.
The City will deploy extra patrols to actively look for and cite fireworks violations.
Our community partnerships with the over 800 Neighborhood Watch Block Captains, Business Watch and Apartment Watch groups are being asked to act as the Eyes and Ears for the community in order to help keep our respective neighborhoods safe. These members will be reporting fireworks violations to the police department for enforcement action as resources allow.

Did You Know?
That the only outdoor cooking allowed during a burn ban is when using a commerical device (BBQ grill or outdoor stove) that uses propane or natural gas? During a burn ban, ALL solid fuels (such as wood or charcoal) are prohibited. When cooking outdoors, fire safety experts recommend a fire extinguisher is kept readily available nearby and owners ensure that the BBQ grill or stove is constantly supervised while on and completely turned off when cooking is done.

Did You Know?
That due to resources committed to the Waldo Canyon Fire and the extreme fire danger in the city, the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal has denied all permits for commercial fireworks for the 4th of July. Nine commericial fireworks displays were anticipated in the city from July 1 - 6.
The community is encouraged to celebrate Independence Day in a safe manner. Read more at

Did You Know?
July 1, 2012

That Colorado Springs announced a city-wide fire ban on June 25th that will stay in effect until weather and fuel conditions improve? Everyone is asked to take extra precautions to prevent fires when participating in all types of outdoor activities. When smoking in a vehicle, do not discard cigarettes out of the window. We ask that parents remain especially cognizant of their children's activities. Immediately call 911 when smoke or flames are spotted. Read more about the Burn Restriction and Burn Ban Guidelines at

Did You Know?
That urban fire mitigation means removing dead plants, brush, and trees from your property as soon as possible, as they provide a fire hazard? The goal is to remove dead and dying plants immediately to reduce the potential for a fire. Make it a goal to keep your property free of dead plants or trees.

Did You Know?
You can register for reverse 911 to get emergency information affecting you as officials release it? Cellphones can get text messages too. To register a phone number (mobile or land) for reverse 911, go to Be persistent - the site is busy right now. Only if you need help with online registration, call (719) 471-6700.

Did You Know?
That due to the mandatory fire evacuations many residents have had to move their recreational vehicles/campers to their homes? Some friends and family members displaced by the fires may also be living in these same campers, or with our residents. The PCVA board has suspended parking regulations until the emergency is over, but please be sure to park your recreational vehicle and/or visiting cars in the driveway or as close to the curb as possible, to help keep the streets open and safe during this difficult time.

Did You Know?
There are many ways to help those affected by the fires. Contact the below agencies to offer what help you can.
Pikes Peak Red Cross
Money only; will also register volunteers
Care and Share
2605 Preamble Point
Food and non-perishables M-F, 7 am - 6 pm
Distributing donations to evacuees as needed
Please DO NOT bring any donations directly to shelters or the incident command post. They cannot handle donations or distribution of them.
Non-emergency assistance and service referrals: Pikes Peak United Way, (719) 955-0742

Did You Know?
June 1, 2012

That the Spring Community Garage Sale will be Saturday June 9th? This popular event is free, courtesy of PCVA, who will place street signs, create maps of participating homes, and post ads city-wide. Past garage sales have been hugely successful and we urge all residents to take advantage of this great opportunity for lots of garage sale buyers. However, to get your home placed on the map, you MUST register for the event prior to Wednesday, June 6th. CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

Did You Know?
That the Modifications Committee has been hard at work along with your Board of Directors revising the Community Guidelines? To see the finished product, including a redline version showing the changes please visit

Did You Know?
About the upcoming FREE Jazz in the Park concert at the Cordera Grand Lawn Park on Wednesday June 13th from 6-8pm? A great band, The Buddy Gordon Sextet with Brad Bietry, provided by the Pikes Peak Jazz and Swing Society, will perform. Feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket and snacks to help relax and enjoy the show.

Did You Know?
That our new landscape maintenance company, the Brickman Group, has discovered someone is closing water valves without their knowledge? Please notify PCVA Management at 719-260-4544 if you see anyone in the green valve boxes that does not have a Brickman Group shirt on. By incorrectly shutting off these valves, water is not getting to landscaped areas which causes burnt turf and suffering plants.

Did You Know?
That trash bags are not to be stored where they are visible from neighboring properties, common areas, or the streets? During this season of yard maintenance it is easy to forget that your trash bags full of yard waste, etc. need to be stored where they are not visible on non-trash collection days.

Did You Know?
That there have been some recent break-ins to Pine Creek Homes and vehicles? According to the Colorado Springs Police, as of March 24, 2012 there were 169 burglaries in Colorado Springs so far in 2012. Over 60% of these were to residences. It may shock you to learn that according to some national estimates the average time it takes a burglar to break into a house is about eleven seconds. The primary mode of entry in Colorado Springs appears to be through unlocked doors and windows. Also, because it is easy to access most window wells and hide without being seen, another common means to enter a house is for a suspect to hide in a deep widow well and break the window. Vinyl framed windows have also been opened by having enough pressure applied to either force the window off the tracks or to force the locking mechanism to unlatch.

Most home burglaries occur between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (with an hour off for lunch of course). A burglar may often come to your front door (because it arouses less suspicion than going to the back door) and ring your doorbell. If no one answers the door he may turn his back to the door and give it a sharp 'mule' kick which will pop open most doors. The burglar will then usually go directly to the master bedroom because that's where most easy-to-carry valuables are located. He may dump out the top drawer to your dresser (because that's where most women keep their jewelry), rifle through the closets (because that's where you are most likely to keep cash, digital cameras, binoculars, and other valuable items), and then grab a pillowcase from your bed to carry the loot in. The burglar will be done and gone in mere minutes. The FBI says the average home burglary nets a little over $2,000 worth of personal property.

Learn more about Home Crime Prevention by visiting the Colorado Springs Crime Prevention Website:
or read the most recent Crime Prevention Newsletter

Did You Know?
That you should keep grass clippings and yard waste away from storm drains? Yard work season is here and the City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Engineering Division is reminding residents to keep city storm drains clean and clear of yard debris. Grass clippings and leaves blown into the street during yard maintenance end up in the nearest waterway. Stormwater runoff washes clippings and other yard waste from our streets, sidewalks and driveways into the city's storm drains, which lead directly to creeks and rivers in the area. This causes problems in the city's stormwater drainage system and can lead to flooding.

Did You Know?
About these easy tips for lawn maintenance?

* Do not leave or sweep grass clippings or other yard waste into streets, sidewalks, driveways or parking lots, especially around storm drains.
* Compost or mulch yard waste. Grass clippings naturally fertilize lawns and do not cause thatch in Colorado.
* Use pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers sparingly and follow manufacturer's directions. Products like pesticides and fertilizers are one of the biggest sources of pollution in our waterways.
* Do not over water lawns.

Did You Know?
May 15, 2012

That the Pirates Cove Splash Park water features will be activated and ready for use starting Saturday May 26, 2012? The Pirate's Cove is a private park that is available for Pine Creek residents and their guests only. If you're a resident and would like to bring guests, CLICK HERE to complete the special use request form.

Did You Know?
That to repaint your home, even if you're going to repaint it the same color, you must submit a Design Review Request form? The good news it's easy and the form is available on the PCVA website at If you'd like to review the Community Guidelines which define the requirements for repainting, you can doload the document from the PCVA website at

Did You Know?
That spring in Colorado can be very windy, and that on trash and recycle collection days it can spread a lot of litter very fast? Please make sure that your trash and recycle container lids are secured on windy days and turn the container so the direction the wind is blowing forces the lid down. Also, if you use the recycling crates, place the heavy recycle objects or rocks on top of the lighter objects to secure the recycle trash from being blown into neighboring yards and the wildlife habitat. Better yet - one of the best ways to prevent your recycling from becoming a neighborhood mess is to use the large rolling recycling bins. Not only do these bins prevent blowing trash, they also allow you to combine your recycling without sorting. You can now get a large recycling bin for ONLY $53! Or, if you already have one recycling bin, you can get a second one FREE! CLICK HERE for more info.

Did You Know?
That the approved Pine Creek post light is also available for sale on line? You can purchase the post light through the following on line venues: - -
Amazon - -

If you want to track one down yourself, say, on ebay, the correct model is: Craftmade Frances II Outdoor post light/pier head model #Z6125-92 (oiled bronze).

Did You Know?
That dog waste that is not picked up introduces harmful contaminants and too many nutrients into wild systems and landscapes. When the dog's waste is left behind in the common areas and neighboring yards, the waste causes damage to those areas and the also has negative impacts on water, soil quality, native plants and humans. It is now costing every owner to pick up after a few due to the unsanitary conditions that are being created.

Did You Know?
May 1, 2012

That Colorado Springs Recycles at UCCS From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 28? Head out to lot 12 (across from the University Village Shopping Center on North Nevada). For a low fee of $5 per car load, residents will be able to recycle electronics, mattresses, latex paint, tires, bulbs, batteries, and single stream recycling (paper, plastic, glass and aluminum). Net proceeds from the event benefit Blue Star Recyclers, a 501(c)3 non-profit social enterprise. The mission of Blue Star Recyclers is to create local jobs for people with disAbilities. More information at

Did you know that the dramatic increase in Miller Moths this week is part of a normal cycle when the moths migrate from the eastern plains to higher elevations as they seek flowering plants? Learn more at

Did you know that the PCVA modifications committee meets May 3rd? You can submit your summer home or landscaping modification project for review and approval by using the form at

Did you know that the Colorado State University Extension Office has some great tips for Colorado lawns in their Watering Guide? Visit

Did you know that many of your neighbors offer services to make your summer easier and more convenient? See what the offerings are at

Did you know that the next Pine Creek Garage Sale is set for June 9th from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM? You may register NOW at

Did you know that you can report PCVA common area sprinkler problems by calling 719-260-4544 (719-649-3193 after work hours and on weekends/holidays). Please help us reduce water waste -- report sprinkler problems when you see them. You can also report via the website at

Did you know that construction on the Powers Boulevard Bridges over Union and Briargate Parkway is about to begin? You can learn more about the history and progress of this work at and

Did You Know?
April 1st, 2011

That as the weather allows, the Grounds Committee and Board of Directors have contracted for the following maintenance work to be performed in the Pine Creek Village Association:
Perimeter wrought iron view fence painting for Willow Glen, Spanish Oak, Emerald Ridge, Glen Arbor and Promontory neighborhoods.
Perimeter wood fence repair and staining for the Greenmoor Neighborhood along the detention pond and common area walkway.
Perimeter stucco fence - repair of all 70 pop-outs that have fallen off the stucco wall along the entire Pine Creek area

Did You Know?

That there is a public open house to discuss the upcoming construction project on Powers Blvd for the building of bridges and a new roadway over Union, Briargate, and Pine Creek. The project team has scheduled the public open house for April 16th from 5-8 p.m. to be held at the Cordera Information Center at 11894 Grand Lawn Circle (East of Powers between Union & Briargate). For more information, please contact Mr. Chad Dubs, Project Engineer, Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc., (303) 688-7500 CLICK HERE for an informational flyer describing the project.

Did You Know?

That the Pikes Peak Area Garden Help is a website written and maintained by a small group of Certified Colorado Gardeners. They are enthusiastic gardeners who have been educated by Colorado State University Extension, and love to share regionally appropriate, research-based horticulture information with others. Learn more about gardening in Colorado Springs at:

Did You Know?

That Pikes Peak Urban Gardens has a mission to "cultivate, educate, and serve the community through urban garden projects in the Pikes Peak region". Visit their website at

Did You Know?

That the El Paso County Household Hazardous Waste Facility offers a free program to all El Paso and Teller County residents to dispose of your hazardous waste items you might find during spring cleaning? Many products used in the home, garden, garage and hobby shop contain hazardous chemicals that can potentially harm the user or the environment. Anything marked "caution," "keep out of reach of children," "danger," "poison," "hazardous," "flammable," "harmful or fatal if swallowed," "causes severe burns on contact," "do not use near heat or flame," "vapor harmful," "eye and skin irritant," or "use in a well-ventilated area" should be considered hazardous. Visit their website for more information:

Follow this link to a flyer with all the details about turning in your waste items: CLICK HERE to download the flyer.

Did You Know?

That Springs in Bloom volunteers are needed? The City of Colorado Springs is seeking volunteers to adopt a flower bed and help keep the City blooming this summer. The 2012 Springs in Bloom flower bed adoption program seeks individuals, families, clubs and businesses to adopt approximately 58 flower beds located throughout Colorado Springs. The Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department will provide the flowers free of charge to all volunteer adopter groups. Flowerbed adopters will take responsibility for planting and maintaining the beds throughout the summer, per guidelines provided by the City. The City hopes to have sponsors for all beds by April 3, because prime planting season is May 15 thru June 4. If you are interested in adopting a flowerbed or making a donation to the Springs in Bloom program, go to For more information, contact Donna Sanchez at (719) 385-6568

Did You Know?

That there are several free and low cost gardening / landscaping programs around town:

How to Plant, Maintain and Harvest the Best WARM Season Veggies Ever!
Saturday, April 14, 2012, 10 AM - 11:30 AM, Cost: $5 (pay at the door)
Horace Mann Middle School, 1001 E. Van Buren, Colorado Springs
More information:

Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Class Schedule:
All classes are held at the CSU Conservation and Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. There is no charge for classes and reservations are not required. For more information call (719) 668-4555. Upcoming CSU Xeriscape Classes:

Discover the Possibilities of Xeriscape
Monday, April 9 or Thursday, May 10 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Gain inspiration from beautiful examples of water-wise Colorado landscapes. Explore successful approaches that work in our climate.
Instructor: Catherine Moravec

Get a Plan! Fundamentals of Landscape Planning and Design
Saturday, April 14, 9 to 11 a.m.
Learn from an experienced designer how to begin creating a thoughtful plan, how to approach common challenges and essential do's and don'ts.
Instructor: Lisa Somnis

Make Your Plan a Reality: Landscape Renovation Steps
Saturday, April 21 or Saturday, May 12, 9 a.m. to noon
Discover the required steps to go from a plan to a finished landscape. Learn how to modify your existing sprinkler system to fit your new landscape plan.
Instructors: Catherine Moravec and Joe Dixon

Did You Know?
March 15, 2012

That the Grounds Committee has been hard at work this last few months reviewing proposals and performing extensive interviews with landscape companies? The goal was to find a company that truly understood the needs, desires and expectations of the Pine Creek Village Association and one who is dedicated to working with the Community in a proactive and positive manner to meet those needs, desires and expectations.
After careful consideration; the Grounds Committee made a recommendation to the Board of Directors to hire Brickman Group for the landscape maintenance and snow removal in Pine Creek. This decision was made because Brickman Group had not only put in 40 hours of research in putting together the proposal and knew the property well in the 1 1/2 hour interview process, but because they also have experience with smart sprinkler controllers. Their references from other communities and commercial properties whom they have managed to expectations and beyond for anywhere from 3-5 years were impeccable.

Brickman Group will start maintenance of the Pine Creek Village Association on 3/15/2012 and we are very much looking forward to really enhancing the beauty and quality of our common areas. For your reference as you are driving around Colorado Springs, here are some of the other properties they maintain: Kissing Camels HOA, Lockheed Martin, USAA Insurance, Briargate Business Campus and T. Rowe Price.

Did You Know?

That we have had numerous inquires about the Spring Garage Sale? The Community Connections Committee has set the dates for all of the events for the year and the first Garage Sale will be held on Saturday June 9th. Watch for more information on the PCVA website as registration will open up around the end of April or the first part of May. A great way to keep up with all events is to bookmark and check in on a regular basis.

Did You Know?

That the Modifications Committee will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays every month from now until October? You must submit a Design Review Request to have any outdoor change or upgrade approved. This includes any change to the outside your home (roof replacement, re-paint, to Xeriscape, landscaping, etc.) The request has to be approved BEFORE work begins.

The process for submitting a design change request:
Go to the PCVA website ( ) and download the Community Guidelines.
Check the guidelines to make sure your project meets the requirements.
Go to the PCVA website ( ) and download the Landscape or Design Modification Request Form
Print out the Design Request Form, complete it, take pictures of your project area (if required) and submit the package to the Community Manager at MSI via, e-mail, fax or in person. See for contact information.
The Modification Committee will review the design request, and either approve or disapprove the request.
You will hear back from the Community Manager.

Did You Know?

That you can now get a second large rolling recycle bin for FREE? Waste Management will now deliver a second recycling toter if you already have purchased on. If you don't yet have a recycling toter, you can buy one for only $53! Is your waste toter too big? Waste Management lets you change to a smaller size for Free. You can request any of these changes through Candace Pickett at or 719-260-4544.

Did You Know?
February 15, 2012

That lately, the Association has been receiving a lot of online tips and tricks from various sources? Here are some websites that we feel might be of interest to PCVA residents.

Have you checked out the city’s website? Every resident should check this one on a regular basis as it keeps you updated on what is happening in our city, and things you can do to make the City and Pine Creek a better place to live. That web site is Recommend you also sign up for the "CityWire" email alert system.

The next site that we highly recommend you check out is the Mayor’s website to find out what's going on with the Mayor, and to contact his staff directly. The Mayor stated that he likes to hear from the public which is why this particular site was created. The Mayor's website is

Another website you may want to check out is Colorado Springs Utilities. They have a list of free xeriscape classes that they will be sponsoring in the coming weeks that will help you learn about xeriscaping which will help you conserve on water saving you lots of money AND making your landscaping look better. These classes start in April and run through the fall. The website is In addition, CSU always has some great energy saving rebates for appliances, insulation, solar, etc. For more info on rebates -

Want to see a really great use of public property records overlaid with real-time mapping data? Check out "SpringsView" at This website allows you to find Colorado Springs property information using a mapping interface based on address, parcel number and owner.

The Pikes Peak Library District's website has some great online resources. Did you know you could check out FREE books for your Kindle, or FREE audiobooks that you can download right to your iPod, iPhone, mp3 player or PC? You can also reserve real books to pickup at the Briargate Branch. Check it out at

OK - just one more website that we would love ALL residents to check out - This is Waste Management's recyling website. Did you know that you can now put ALL your recycling into a single 95 gallon toter? Recycling is not just for tree huggers - it makes business sense too. Why throw something away that's perfectly good just because it's been used once. You wouldn't throw your socks away after one use, would you? PLUS - using a large recycling bin helps keep our neighborhood less trashy since the bins have lids that don't allow trash to blow away like the small open bins. For only $53 you can get a Single Stream Recycling toter that does all this PLUS gives you peace of mind knowing you're doing the right thing. To order your large recycling toter, contact Candace at

Did You Know?
February 1, 2012

That the Pine Creek Board Of Director's meetings are open to all PCVA residents? The BOD meetings are held at 6:00 PM at Fire station 19 at 2490 Research Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO (CLICK HERE for a map ). Here's a schedule of BOD meetings for 2012:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In addition, the Annual General Meeting for all Pine Creek homeowners will be on Thursday, November 08, 2012. Time and place TBD. We encourage all residents to get involved in what's going on in their HOA by attending these important meetings.

Did You Know?

That the Community Guidelines address additions to your house? Read on from the CGs:


Any addition or modification to the exterior appearance of a residence must match the original structure in architectural style, mass, material and color. Additions and modifications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the MC before obtaining an El Paso County Regional Building Department (RBD) or City of Colorado Springs permit. Any changes required by RBD or the City must be resubmitted to the MC for approval. Refer to Section 3 of the Design Guidelines for architectural requirements.

Refer to Section 3.4 regarding garage conversions (excerped below).

Any replacement of the roofing material with both the exact same manufacturer type and color or a new type and color requires MC review. All submittals should include a color photo of the home/roof along with a brochure showing the type and color of replacement chosen. Owner must receive Modification Committee approval prior2 to the work being done.



No garage space may be converted to living area without the prior written consent of the MC. In no case may the conversion reduce the number of parking spaces within a garage to less than two.


Garage doors must remain closed at all times, except during ingress and egress from the garage and such other reasonable periods of time, as determined in the PCVA's sole discretion.

Did You Know?

That You're invited to "Tastings at Cordera"?

Our neighbors to the east have invited all of Pine Creek to its third "Tastings at Cordera" event on Thursday January 19th, 2012 from 6 - 8pm at the Cordera Community Center! The Colorado Springs Conservatory will provide live music, there will be a sampling of food and drinks, and local jewelry designer, Ruben Manuel, will be there to showcase his latest collections. Plus, the Fine Arts Center will be giving a painting demonstration and providing information about their upcoming shows and exhibits. The "Tastings at Cordera" is open to the public, the cost is only $5 per person, and all proceeds will benefit various scholarship funds. Tickets may be purchased at the door. We hope to see all of you there! CLICK HERE for a map to the spacious Cordera Community Center.

Did You Know?
That the Community Guidelines requires all seasonal lighting must be taken down by January 15th? Here's the relevant info from the Community Guidelines:


a) The use of landscape up-lighting or down-lighting is encouraged. Lighting that causes glare, discomfort or disrupts the visual environment of neighboring lots is prohibited. All lighting requires approval of the MC before installation.

b) Colored lighting other than seasonal decorative lights installed from November 15 to January 15 is prohibited. Decorative lighting installed outside the November 15 to January 15 period will not exceed 7 days.

c) Seasonal decorative lighting and decor may not be placed on any common areas maintained by the Association which includes both landscaped areas and perimeter fencing maintained by the Association.

Did You Know?
That Pine Creek residents get discounted rates on golf at the Pine Creek Golf Course? But, there's a catch - we need at least 50 Pine Creek residents (home owner or renter) to sign up as part of the Pine Creek Residents Golf Group. The deadline for taking advantage of this offer is January 31, 2012.

There are two plans for Pine Creek Residents.

Annual Pine Creek Platinum Pass
(unlimited play anytime except Saturday morning prior to 1PM, cart fees included, 50% off range balls, 10% off regular Pro Shop prices, tee times ten days in advance)
Individual $990 for one year
(no family plans - each golfer pays $990/year)

Annual Pine Creek Silver Pass
(unlimited play after 1 PM Friday – Sunday and Holidays and unlimited play Monday – Thursday, 50% off range balls, cart fees not included, 10% off regular Pro shop prices, tee times ten days in advance)
Individual $750 for one year
(no family plans - each golfer pays $750/year)

In addition, as a Platinum or Silver member, you would be eligible for access to, or in certain cases a 50% discount at other Escalante Golf properties.

If you're interested, please contact Goody Goodman at the following e-mail: Indicate which program (Platinum or Silver) you are interested in and your phone number - he will return your call and answer any questions you may have. The deadline for taking advantage of this offer is January 31, 2012.

Here is a link to the Escalante golf properties website:

Did You Know?

That Pine Creek homeowners are responsible for maintaining all improvements on his or her lot in a manner consistent with the "Community-Wide Standard" as defined in Section 1.13 of the Declaration (click to download the The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions: ).

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of landscape, irrigation and sidewalks within the easements on their property. Lot owners are also responsible for the maintenance of landscape, irrigation and sidewalks in the street right-of-way from the back of curb to their property line.

Homeowners are responsible for keeping all sidewalks and driveways on their lot or within the right-of-way adjacent to their lot free from snow and ice within a 24 period after the end of a storm.

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining yard lights on their lot in like-new condition. Damaged fixtures must be replaced with the identical type and color fixture. Refer to Section 2.16.1 of the Community Guidelines (click to download the Communty Guidelines: ). Bulbs must be replaced promptly with a 100-watt, white incandescent bulb, or equivalent compact fluorescent bulb. No other color or wattage is allowed in Pine Creek. Light poles must be painted black (Kwal Royal Ebony Black or OX9066J).

Wood and metal fencing, installed by the homeowner, must be maintained in like-new condition.

Happy New Year!

The PCVA Board of Directors and Management wishes you a happy and healthy 2012.