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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the 2016 PCVA Community Events?
A: Spring Garage Sale: June 4th, Community Picnic: August 13th, Fall Garage Sale: September 10th,
Holiday Party: December 16th. Contact if you are interested in helping.

Q: How do I report City street problems?
A: The City of Colorado Springs maintains the City owned streets within Pine Creek. Please contact them with snow removal problems at (719) 385-5934 and report potholes by calling 385-ROAD (7623). The PCVA cannot maintain city streets.

Q. Where can I more information about our trash & recycling service?
A. Please review our trash & recycling page

What color should I paint my outdoor light post or my fence; where can I get paint?
A. Light posts throughout Pine Creek are inconsistent in the application of paint color. To simplify the issue, the board decided that all light posts should be painted black. The correct color is Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10. You can pick up the correct color at any Home Depot or Lowes hardware stores with the above information.
There are two types of fencing in Pine Creek - the dark green metal "view" fence, and the brown wood plank fence. Much of the fencing is maintained by PCVA, but if you wish to paint your own fence, the correct paint / stain colors are:
Green View Fence: Kwal-Howell Olympic Pine 8596N (or a computer matched color) in eggshell finish available at the Kwal/Sherwin Williams paint stores. To be safe (in case the store does not have the color codes on file), please contact to be sent the color codes.
Brown Wood Plank Fence: The required stain color is Sherwin Williams Exterior Woodscapes Latex Flat Stain IFC 8012N, N12-607 Cabot Brown (or a computer matched wood stain). This is a custom color available at the Sherwin Williams paint store (719-590-9393). Home Depot and Lowe's also carry a BEHR stain that is the equivalent - please contact to be sent the color codes. The privacy wood fence pickets are available at Home Depot.
Q. I'm having problems with coyotes. What can I do?
A. The Association has investigated the issue and has information available for dealing with coyotes.

Q. Are there parking restrictions in Pine Creek?
A. Yes. One of the visions of the developer when planning Pine Creek was to minimize street parking and to keep streets wide open and spacious. The Association is in agreement with this vision and strives to enforce parking regulations. But this doesn't mean street parking is illegal - there are just some restrictions. CLICK HERE for the the sections from the Community Guidelines on parking in Pine Creek.

Q. Can I pay my monthly dues online?
A. Yes! CLICK HERE for more information on how to pay your dues online.

Q. There are contractors working very early or very late in my neighborhood. Aren't there rules regarding when contractors can work in Pine Creek?
A. Yes - there are restrictions. By city law, contractors can work from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. If they are working outside those hours, please contact management.

Q. A home in Pine Creek appears abandoned and looks horrible. The yard is overgrown with weeds, the lawn is dead, and in general the house is an eyesore. Why doesn't PCVA take care of these "abandoned" homes?
A. Unfortunately, the current economic conditions have created more home foreclosures in nearly all parts of the country - including in our neighborhood. Foreclosure law is carefully regulated and there's a well defined process that must be followed before the home can be taken back by the bank and put on the market for sale. Unfortunately, during this period, the HOA has no right to access the property and perform landscaping, maintenance or other activities to the property. It still is private property and the HOA can't act without the owner's permission. During this multiple month foreclosure process, the owner is nearly always in default on their HOA dues as well as their mortgage payments, the bank won't pay for property up-keep, utilities have been shut off, and real estate agents typically won't pay what can turn out to be a significant cost for clean-up. So the house sits vacant with virtually no maintenance whatsoever. The only legal recourse the HOA has is to continue to impose fines on the owner and place liens on the property in accordance with the law. Due to circumstances, the foreclosure owner will most likely never pay overdue HOA dues or fines, but the HOA can recover some of those costs when the property does sell since the HOA has placed lien(s) on the property by this time. There are limitations in the law as to how much the HOA can recover from liens against the property. The bottom line is that the board and management completely sympathize with your concerns about vacant properties. We can assure you that every single vacant home in Pine Creek is carefully watched and any and all actions that can be taken by the Association are being taken. Unfortunately the process just takes a long time - compounded by a slow housing market which means it takes even longer to sell the house once it is repossessed by the bank.

Q. Can I just go over to an abandoned house and cut the weeds and clean it up myself?
A. Technically if you access your neighbor's property without permission you are trespassing and could be subject to criminal prosecution. However, if you know the owner and can get his/her permission, you are more than welcome to do the work yourself. The PCVA can't and won't condone trespassing, but we encourage your volunteering if you can get permission from the owner. Unfortunately the PCVA won't pay you for your efforts - we don't have any funds in the budget for private property maintenance.

Q. I want to have a garage sale - what are the rules about having a private garage sale?
A. The PCVA governing documents do not prohibit private garage sales. They do, however, prohibit the placement of signs advertising and directing wide garage sales. PCVA sponsors 2 community wide garage sales a year - one in the spring and one in the fall. Please check the event calendar to see when the next garage sale is planned. It's really a good deal - PCVA places signs, provides maps, and advertises in the local media so the community wide garage sales have very popular and have been quite successful. So we'd highly recommend that you take advantage of the association's twice annual garage sales rather than holding a private garage sale.

Q. My exterior lamp / lighting fixture broke. Where can I get a replacement?
Peak Lighting
4315 Sinton Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 531-5200
There are two approved light fixtures - click the links below to view the details online:
Fluorescent Bulb (# 329273 - retail $248.40) (less 40% PCV discount) = $149.04
Incandescent Bulb (# 145809 - retail $298.80) (less 40% PCV discount) = $179.28
Peak Lighting will offer PCVA residents the above discount so make sure you tell them you live in the Pine Creek Village Association and ask for Jamie.

Q: Who is the "management company," what do they do, and how do I reach them?
A: PCVA has hired MSI, LLC, a professional HOA management company to provide day to day management of the Association under the supervision and direction of the Board of Directors. MSI provides for the collection of assessments, obtaining bids for and supervising subcontracted services (such as landscaping), providing financial statements and budgets, inspecting the Association's properties, enforcing covenants and much more. CLICK HERE to contact MSI's Community Manager for PCVA.

Q: What are the CC&R'S?
A: CC&Rs is real estate acronym which stands for Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. CC&Rs variously regulate the usages and aesthetics of a neighborhood or development to a greater or lesser degree. The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of PCVA as a non-profit corporation. The governing legal documents for the association may be viewed online within the Documents section of this site.

Q: What are the Bylaws?
A: The bylaws for the Association are the written documents that guide the structure and operation of the HOA. The bylaws provide for the election of the Board of Directors, the responsibilities of the Board and the Associations residents. The bylaws are available in the Documents section of this website.

Q: What is the Board of Directors?
A: The Board of Directors is a group of residents (or other individuals as provided by the bylaws), elected by the residents who have decision making authority and supervisory control over the management company. The Board of Directors has the responsibility of enforcing the CC&R's and other guidelines.

Q: Are there any other rules?
A: PCVA's rules are primarily defined in the CC&Rs. However, there are other rules and guidelines defined in various governing documents that residents are required to adhere to. For example, PCVA has very well defined Community Guidelines that provide direction on parking, landscaping, exterior maintenance, and so on. All the governing documents are available in the Documents section of this website.

Q: What should I do if my neighbor is in violation of the Policies and Guidelines?
A: The first thing you should do is try to work out the issue directly with our neighbor. In many cases neighbors may not even be aware that they are in violation. If that fails, please contact the management company or submit a violation report. Please refer to the governing documents to determine if a violation has taken place.

Q: Are Board Meetings open to all residents? If so, where and when are they held?
A: Yes. The time and place of board meetings is published on the calendar page of this website.

Q: How can I volunteer to serve on a committee?
A: The PCVA committees are listed on the committees page. If you're interested in serving on a committee, please contact the management company.

Q: What is my assessment?
A: Your assessment is the monthly amount you pay to support the Associations budget. The Association spends money on grounds maintenance, management, various community activities and more. The Association's financials are available to all PCVA residents. Click here to request current financials.

Q: How is the amount of my assessment determined?
A: The Board of Directors, in close collaboration with the management company, develops an annual budget based on historical expenditures, expected future expenditures, and planned contributions to operating and capital reserves. The reserves are necessary to pay for major expenditures that can't be expected to be paid from monthly operating capital. The assessments are calculated based on the planned budget for the upcoming year. The board works hard to maximize services and minimize assessments.

Q: What happens if I don't pay my assessment?
A: The Association relies on the timely payment of assessments to pay for current expenses and In addition, the CC&R's allows the Association to charge late charges and interest and proceed with a lien on your property, or foreclosure proceeding for nonpayment of assessments.